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03 August 2021

SpectreXR partners with FRC

A great idea and a strong will to succeed are just not enough in today’s world. If you’re an entrepreneur who’s looking to scale and grow, you will want to look into funding your start-up business. One of the biggest challenges for small business owners is finding the funds and the right partners to grow their businesses. Surveys show that a lack of capital is one of the most common reasons why small businesses fail.

Find the right investment partner

Securing an investor who is committed to your long-term success and has an interest in your industry and mission will add value far beyond capital backing. While capital and cash flow will extend the runaway to success, your business should collect the benefits of business mentors that you got alongside with investment. We were lucky enough to find those qualities in our present partners from Fil Rouge Capital, whose experience and knowledge will drive us in all the right directions.


About a year ago as we were working on some products for our clients, we noticed that we are spending a significant amount of time working on hand interaction features, and that was the time an idea started to form and the OctoXR was born. OctoXR is a Unity 3D plugin that simplifies the development of VR, AR, and MR applications and experiences for developers and users. The tool was conceived as an addition to the Unity 3D development platform and is based on a low-code / no-code mode of visual development. This solves the problem of the need for a high degree of programming knowledge in the development of VR, AR, and MR applications and solutions. By developing its modules and technologies for hand control, physics, multi-user networking, in-display debugging tools, visual programming, and many other features, the product will significantly contribute to the faster and easier development of XR applications in the global market.

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