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04 December 2018

Croatia For Everyone

KK. – Application for iOS and Android operating systems and applications for holographic computers with augmented reality components and 360º virtual walks and customization for people with visual and hearing impairments.Project beneficiary: SPECTER j.d.o.o. Project duration: 14.09.2017.-14.03.2019. Project value: 1.169,673.20 HRK, EU co-financing: 1.032,851.88 HRK Contact for more information info@spectre.hr

About the project

In 2016, Spectre started applying for the EU Competitiveness and Cohesion Fund 2014-2020 The innovation of SMEs, and then in 2017, it received approval for funds for the project Croatia for All – Croatia for everyone. The overall goal of this project is to strengthen technological solutions that will help people with disabilities to overcome everyday obstacles and lead them to better assimilation in the social environment in which they move and live. The goal of technological innovations achieved through this project during the project duration of 18 months, starting from September 14, 2017, will be the focus of Spectre, which will create at least two new jobs in a given period.

The project includes the development of applications for iOS and Android operating systems with augmented reality components and 360 virtual walks and is also adapted for people with visual and hearing impairments. The project is also developing an application for the holographic computer Microsoft HoloLens, which is also one of the first developments of applications of this type in Croatia. This approach allows the user to project images and content from augmented reality on the glasses screen. Thus, it is possible to achieve a perception of the world that the user sees and the space in which it is located in parallel with the projection of a transparent image on the screen of glasses.


By fulfilling the conditions of all prepared documentation, the company Specter was among the projects approved for co-financing from European Union funds, namely the Fund Competitiveness and Cohesion of the financial period from 2014 to 2020 in the group: Innovation of SMEs. In that financial period, a total of HRK 1.169,673.20 will be invested, of which the amount of aid granted is HRK 1.032,851.88.

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The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

More information on EU funds can be found on the websites of the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds: www.strukturnifondovi.hr

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