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04 December 2019

Huawei and Spectre on digital transformation

Through the years, Spectre company was a part of numerous conferences and summits where we presented solutions and benefits that virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, along with other new technologies like 5G or artificial intelligence, bring to the industry and business development. After a large number of domestic conferences, it was time to showcase our solutions and products on the international stage.

Fourth China CEEC Conference

The two biggest conferences that we did were the ones with Huawei Technologies Co. The first one was the Fourth China CEEC Conference in Belgrade, where we were a part of the Huawei 5G use case presentation team with our augmented and mixed reality products. We showed how mixed reality technologies can speed up and enhance product design and development. Almost every industry nowadays is responding to a growing need to deliver greater innovation, faster and more effectively, at better prices.

That means finding a way to develop products more quickly and more efficiently, reducing time to market while taking cost and complexity out of the process. Few days after the conference, our colleagues from Huawei shared a video with us that shows our presentation broadcasting on China national television with 650 million viewers every day, it was a pretty sweet commercial reach.

Digital Transformation Forum

After the success we had in Belgrade, we were invited to participate in Digital Transformation Forum in Kyiv in November of 2019. There we showcased how the implementation of 5G networks will impact augmented and mixed reality. Specifically, we presented a solution that shows what innovative improvements we can make in education and collaboration between students using AR and MR technologies alongside 5G. Visualizing content in 3D that was previously only learned through the book reduces learning time, gives students much better knowledge retention and more confidence to act on what they learned. We are especially glad that we had a chance to show our demo to some members of the Ukrainian government.

Roadshow 2020

There were a lot of plans for 2020. roadshow with Huawei Technologies Co., but unfortunately, everything got postponed due to the COVID-19 burst that shook the world. While we wait for the new conferences and forums, we are working hard to develop even more applications and products using virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies.

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