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16 December 2022

Bringing Hand Tracking and Interactions into AR: SpectreXR partners with Crunchfish

Virtual hands holding 3D model of a cube.

Crunchfish and SpectreXR have joined forces to provide a complete solution for the AR/VR market. The incorporation of Crunchfish's XR Skeleton into SpectreXR's OctoXR product enables users to interact with virtual objects in a realistic manner by utilizing hand-tracking technology and advanced software developed by both parties. This collaboration reduces the time and complexity involved in developing interactive AR software systems and apps, and it marks an important step forward in incorporating hand interactions into AR technology. 

While OctoXR allows users to add interactions with virtual elements quickly, Crunchfish XR Skeleton adds hand-tracking capabilities to AR/VR devices by analyzing the image stream from the camera sensor(s) and then tracking 21 points on each hand with high precision. This set of 42 coordinates is then used to interact with virtual objects. 

It is very complex to design and develop virtual objects in AR/VR. The objects appear in three dimensions and must look and feel as real as possible, which necessitates advanced software and very specific skills.

"One of our most important long-term goals has always been to bring OctoXR into AR technology, and when Crunchfish introduced their XR Skeleton, we knew that this integration was a big step towards that," said Ivan Rajkovic, CEO at SpectreXR. 

“I was very impressed by how fast XR Skeleton could be integrated into OctoXR and get to a working demo. The combination of Crunchfish’s XR Skeleton and OctoXR enables a powerful solution that may shorten the time to market for many of our customers”, says Joakim Nydemark, CEO at Crunchfish Gesture Interaction.

For more information on how to work with us, please contact:

Ivan Rajković, CEO of SpectreXR
+385 98 9858 830


Joakim Nydemark, CEO of Crunchfish Gesture Interaction AB
+46 706 35 16 09

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