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One of the most exciting things about using hands in VR is enabling users to interact with the virtual world more like they do in real life. The core of this being ability to grab and manipulate objects.

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All-in-onelow code VRhand-tracking plugin

OctoXR includes a library of interaction components that are modular, composable and scalable, that you can integrate into your existing architecture or run standalone.

What makesOctoXRspecial

Save time and resources while building great user experiences.

Now with Controller Support!

  • Kinematic grab

    Create grabbable objects in just a few clicks

  • Hand Physics

    Easily create and edit physics-enabled hand rig that makes a VR hand interact with other physically simulated scene objects.

  • Distance grab

    Detect distant grabbables with raycasting and interact with them from afar.

  • Bad hand positioning

    With the OctoXR plugin you can stop your hands when things go wrong.

  • Gesture Recognition

    Making apps with gesture recognition is made easier than ever. Creating gestures with a single click of a button.

  • Locomotion

    OctoXR offers two readymade solutions. Continuous locomotion (or walking) and teleport locomotion.

  • OctoXR UI

    Dive into “Oculus home” like UI manipulation you are used to. Simply attach UIPointer to the hand and insert OctoInputModule prefab in the scene. It just works!

Why we madeOctoXR

We designed OctoXR to be more efficient and save time and resources. It streamlines your workflow and makes complex app development simpler regardless of your skill level.

  • Faster workflow
  • No coding required
  • Uncompromised quality