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08 February 2023

SpectreXR and Crunchfish Betting Big on Hand Interactions in AR

The Collaboration between SpectreXR and Crunchfish continues to thrive! The new amazing version of Crunchfish’s XR Skeleton has successfully been integrated into the latest version of Spectre’s hand interaction framework – OctoXR. This integration highlights the ease and efficiency of enchancing augmented reality experiences on standard mobile devices.

Combining Crunchfish’s robust hand tracking solution and Spectre’s interaction framework we have created a demo to showcase the potential of this technology for the e-commerce market, improving the quality by offering a more immersive digital shopping experience.

The most exciting thing about using hands in augmented reality is that it allows the user to interact with the virtual world just like in real life. Our solution simulates real physical interaction with virtual objects, making it a more natural experience. The demo application shows how a sneaker can be picked up and turned around for the user to get a closer look before making a purchase.

Crunchfish’s and Spectre’s software can now be used together to make an integrated solution that makes it much faster to make interactive augmented and virtual reality applications for e-shopping, live video shopping, Virtual-Try-Ons, etc.

“Using Crunchfish’s hand tracking technology in AR, we can use the full potential of our OctoXR to give users a full AR experience by interacting with the digital content using just their hands, not touching the screen.” says Ivan Rajkovic, CEO of SpectreXR


For more information, please contact:

Ivan Rajkovic, CEO of SpectreXR

+385 98 9858830



This information was provided by the contact person above for publication 8 February 2023 at 10:00 CET.

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